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Hotels in Mahe Island

Mahe is the biggest island of Seychelles. The capital city, Victoria is situated on this island. Most of the citizens of Seychelles also reside here. The long western coast of Mahe is studded with stunning beaches washed by the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean, notably the popular Beau Vallon beach in the North western part of the island. More than a hundred hotels in Mahe offer outstanding accommodation with variety in the rooms, tariffs and facilities like air-conditioning, TV, coffee/tea makers in rooms, WiFi, 24-hour business centre, world cuisine restaurants and more, on offer. However, being a popular tourist destination, it is recommended to book well in advance to get the best match with your requirements.

Jet-skiing, water-skiing, parasailing and other motorised water sports are permitted on some beaches in Mahe. Swim, scuba-dive, snorkel to marvel at under-water coral formations and the large schools of fish. Explore the exciting attractions of nature throughout the island on hired bicycles or cars. Visit old and new churches, buy souvenirs, marvel at the artefacts show-cased in the National Museum of History. Hotels in Mahe have arrangements for excursions even to the other islands, each of which has a personality of its own.

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